5 Best Indoor plants, grow, care, and benefits

Today I will provide you with unique information about some of the best indoor plants which are best for air cleaning and are easy to grow and maintain. And you can choose to grow one or all according to your needs and your requirements. I provide in-depth benefits of these indoor plants and also provide handy information on how to start from the beginning to grow these indoor plants. 

Peace lily Plant

Peace lily plant care grow and benefits

The Peace Lily plant basically comes from tropical areas like Venezuela and Colombia, and grows under the shadow of high thick rainforest trees; it became popular from 1870 to 1890 in Europe.

The Peace Lily is a charming indoor plant that is very easy to maintain it. With its lush dark green leaves and elegant white flowers, this beautiful and unique plant can add a unique touch to any room. But there’s more to this plant than meets the eye. In this article, we will explore some of the unique features of the Peace Lily plant. From its ability to purify the air to its symbolism in different cultures, the peace Lily is truly a special plant. Read on to learn more about this fascinating flower.

Benefits of Peace Lily

There are many benefits of Peace Lily; for example, it helps remove excess moisture from bathrooms and kitchens. You often observe that in the kitchen and bathroom (high moisture rooms) tiles and curtains develop fungus cavities, and this plant helps to prevent fungus. This plant also helps with peaceful sleep, helps to breathe better, and controls moisture in the room. Peace Lily also helps to reduce bad-quality air. 

Features of Peace Lily

Peace Lily maintenance is very little; no worries about consuming lots of time on it; it just needs water once a week, that’s it.

Peace Lily is helping purify the air

It is a fast-growing plant and can reach up to 1.2m in height. The life span of peace Lily indoors is ten years or so and if in the open air it lasts 3 to 5 years only,

Aloe Vera Plant

The Aloe Vera plant is very unique and a favorite indoor plant due to its different features. The Aloe Vera plant is the great gift of nature and comes with lots of medicinal value. This plant basically originated from the Arabian desert and belongs to the Asphodelaceae family. It can easily grow indoors looks beautiful, and has many benefits for use as an indoor plant. The average length of this plant is from 1 to 2.5 feet.

As an indoor plant,

It looks very beautiful and stylish

Aloe Vera plant has antibacterial quality

It helps to control the heat inside the room. It also acts as an air purifier

It absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen

Care of Aloe Vera plant

Planting Aloe Vera plants is a bit different from other indoor plants. Aloe Vera plants are succulents, so be sure to give them a well-drained potting mix. Examples might be cacti and succulent mixes made of perlite, lava rock, or chunks of bark, and use rooting enhancer powder to encourage your plant to grow roots quickly and strongly. You can water this plant each after two weeks in summer and once every month in winter. Due to its stylish look, you can place an aloe vera plant pot anywhere in the room, It will increase the value of your room interior.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera has been used as medicine and for other health issues since ancient times.

It helps to reduce lower blood sugar level

It is very useful for the skin and removes and reduce wrinkle

It helps to eliminate constipation problem

Aloe Vera plant is used for eczema and psoriasis. And it speeds up the wound-healing process.

It also use in shampoo for better hair health

Sting of heart plant

This plant is very easy to maintain with silver gray color leaves, pink rose color underside, and with small heart size shape. To grow this plant, you need a well-drained pot that can grow in normal soil with which you grow other indoor plants.

Place this plant in good light, but be careful; do not place it where sunshine exists all day; just avoid direct sunlight and draughts. As well as fertilizer requirements, it only requires fertilizers in the summer season once a month and in winter one time 60 days.

You can give it occasionaly plant booster for faster growth. The origin of this plant is South Africa, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, and some other southern parts of Africa. Its maximum length is 6 feet to 7 feet in trail form.

Its life span is 25 years and it can produce hundreds of other plants with help of its bulb and seeds its flowers can easily last for 6 to 7 weeks, You can enjoy it for a long time. This is one of those indoor plants having the best resistance against pests and diseases.

Five studies show that the string of heart plants contains many alkaloids, phenols, tannins and flavonoids. All these compounds help to inhibit inflammation and pain, and fight against microbes resistant to antibiotics. Also, increased production of urine protects the body from various diseases.

Benefits of Sing of heart Plant

Like other plants, it also has many benefits, 

1: Air purifier and temprature controler at some level 

2: Provide a peaceful environment for sleeping 

3: Its eyes refresher provides a pleasant feeling to the eyes 

4: It can absorb carbondyeoxide and produce oxygen  

5: During flowering, its flowers bulb gives a pleasant feeling in a room

Snake Plant or Sansevieria

Snake plant grow care and benefits
Snake plant grow care and benefits

This is one of the indoor plants a beginner can grow easily. This plant is also known as the mother-in law,s tongue; it requires less care and has many benefits. This plant belongs to western Africa Nigeria and this plant also belongs to the Asparagaceae family.

As I earlier mention it does not require much care, but if you provide proper plant boosters and other fertilizers it can grow and shine faster. As well as watering to this plant in summer you should give water every 20 days or earlier and in winter it can survive without water for more than a month.

Watering is also imperative to the plants which we grow in pots because they do not have any source to get water behind the roots due to limited space in a pot and soil in the pot and soil in the land is a different scenario if we are concerned about watering and fertilization and plant boosters. The average life of a snake plant in pots as indoors is 5 to 10 years and that variation depends upon the care its general life in the open air on land is 25 years.

Benefits of Snake Plant

Like many other indoor plants, snake plants also have many benefits. 

1: It helps to remove toxic and pollutant elements from the air 

2: It proves very effective in different types  of allergies like pet allergy, pollen allergy, insect allergy 

3: It proves a great oxygen producer and even can produce oxygen at night, so it is very beneficial to keep in bedroom 

4: It reduces the carbondyeoxide and produces oxygen 

5: It absorbs dust and pollution from the air it also helps to reduce cavities and fungus in tiles and floors.

6: Helps to develop a stress-free environment in the room.

Chinese Money plant

Chinese money plant care grow and benefits
Chinese money plant care grow and benefits

The Chinese money plant is a very popular indoor plant all over the world, this plant is beautiful and has many benefits in it, According to strong evidence, this plant originated in China and south Asian countries.

It is also one of the best indoor plants for beginners to grow, its height can be 12 feet but normally its height goes 7 to 8 feet as a houseplant. The average of this plant is 10 to 15 years but some kind of money plant grows in central and southern America and can last even 30 years or more. 

It is also one of those plants which can grow in water and soil, but to grow in water it requires special care and maintenance. It belongs to the Urticaceae family. To grow indoors requires a well-draining pot and to grow properly it requires bright but indirect light. This is also one of the plants which effects by pests and insects like Aphids, Spider Mites, and Mealybug. It requires balanced fertilizer each after 5 to 7 weeks.

Benefits of money plants

This unique plant comes with many benefits we must know before growing this indoor plant. 

1: This Chinese money plant is very helpful in removing xylene, and formaldehyde from the air. 

2: It helps to provide a stress-free environment in the house.  

3: It is also very helpful for reducing stress in human beings 

4: Another very unique benefit of it to reducing arguments between human beings arguments

5: It also helps to minimize sleeping disorders in human beings. 

6: It is one of the best air purifiers and provide oxygen and eliminate carbon in the air.

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