Fiddle leaf Fig Sunburn detection , causes and solution

How to treat fiddle leaf fig sunburn, its causes , detection, symptoms , treatment,

The popular indoor plant known as the fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) gets attention for its eye-catching, large leaves and elegant look. However, fiddle leaf figs are subject to a number of problems, including sunburn, like all other plants. To maintain the health of your fiddle leaf fig plant, it is crucial to comprehend what sunburn is, how to spot it, and how to prevent or treat it.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Sunburn: What Is It?

Fiddle leaf figs experience sunburn when the leaves are continuously exposed to too much sunshine, particularly direct sunlight. Damage to the leaves from this exposure may appear as browning, yellowing, or darkening of the foliage. It’s possible for sunburnt leaves to have dry, crispy areas.

How to treat fiddle leaf fig sunburn, its causes , detection, symptoms , treatment,

Fiddle Leaf Fig Sunburn Causes:

Direct Sunlight: Placing your fiddle leaf fig in direct sunlight can result in sunburn, especially during the hottest period of the day when the sun is most effective.

Transplanting your plant rapidly from low light to direct sunshine might shock the leaves and make them more vulnerable to sunburn. Reflective Surfaces: Surfaces in close proximity, such as windows made of glass or walls painted a light colour, can reflect sunlight onto the leaves, increasing the risk of sunburn.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Sunburn Detection:

It’s essential to identify sunburnt leaves on your fiddle leaf fig in order to take immediate action. Watch out for these indicators:

Affected leaves may acquire brown or yellow spots, frequently beginning at the margins and tips.

Sunburnt leaf sections may develop dry, crispy patches that feel cold to the touch.

Darkening: The afflicted leaf areas may darken or turn a different colour. Leaf Curling: As a defence mechanism against solar damage, leaves may curl or fold.

Preventing sunburn on fiddle leaf fig:

Put your fiddle leaf fig in an area with direct light that is bright and sunny. It’s usually best to be a few feet from a window that has good lighting.

Rotate the Plant: By assuring that all of the plant’s surfaces get an equal amount of light, you can avoid one side getting destroyed by the sun.

Gradual Light Changes: Acclimatise your fiddle leaf fig gradually by increasing the exposure over the course of a few weeks if you’re relocating it to a new area with changing lighting circumstances. Use sheer drapes to disperse and filter the light if your plant is next to a window that receives direct sunlight.

Taking Care of Sunburnt Leaves

Pruning: Use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears to cut off the injured area of a leaf if it is just partially sunburnt.

Increase the humidity in the room to save the plant from suffering more stress.

Watering: Make sure your plant is adequately hydrated, but watch out for overwatering, which can cause additional problems. Have patience: While damaged leaves won’t regenerate, wholesome new foliage will eventually replace them. Continue to tend to your fiddle leaf fig patiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Fiddle Leaf Fig Sunburn

What is sunburn on fiddle leaf figs?

The condition called fiddle leaf fig sunburn happens when the Ficus lyrata plant’s leaves get damaged by too much sunlight sunshine and become brown, yellow, or black.

How can I keep my fiddle leaf fig from becoming sunburnt?

Place your plant in a location with strong, indirect light.Tailor your plant gradually to changes in lighting.

To block and absorb direct sunlight, use sheer drapes.

To guarantee even light exposure, rotate your plant frequently

Which signs of sunburn can you see on fiddle leaf fig leaves?

leaf browning or yellowing, frequently starting at the edges.

The damaged areas have patches that are crispy and dry.

discoloration or darkening of the leaves.

Leaf folding or curling as a defence mechanism.

Can a fiddle leaf fig recover from sunburnt leaves?

Sunburnt leaves will not recover itself. Over time, however, the damaged leaves will be replaced by wholesome new growth.

What should I do if the leaves of my fiddle leaf fig are sunburnt?

Use clean scissors or shears to trim the leaves’ damaged areas.

Water your plants properly to preserve their health.

To lessen the stress on the plant, raise the humidity.

Be patient; burned leaves will eventually be substituted with new, healthy growth.

Can I safeguard my fiddle leaf fig from sunlight by using sunscreen or sunblock?

It is not advised to apply sunscreen or sunblock on the leaves. It may not offer sufficient defence and may obstruct the plant’s natural activities.

Fiddle Leaf Figs: Can they heal from a bad sunburn?

However, with the right care and enough time, the plant can generate new, healthy growth to replace the sun-damaged leaves. Severely sunburnt leaves may not recover.

How frequently should I rotate my fiddle leaf fig to avoid getting burned?

Every few weeks, turn your fiddle leaf fig to make sure all of its surfaces get an equal amount of light.

When my fiddle leaf fig grows sunburnt leaves, should I relocate it?

After a sunburn, it is essential that you keep your fiddle leaf fig in an area with good lighting and to take precautions to prevent additional harm.

Does fiddle leaf fig leaf browning just result from sunburn?

No, there are other reasons of leaf discolouration, including as insect infestations, deficiencies in nutrition, overwatering, and underwatering. When determining leaf problems, these elements must be considered in mind.


Sunburn in fiddle leaf figs is a frequent problem, especially when these indoor plants are overexposed to the sun. You can ensure that your fiddle leaf fig thrives and keeps its lush, green appearance by being aware of the reasons, spotting the symptoms, and adopting preventative steps. If sunburn occurs, early and careful treatment might help your favourite plant recover.