Peace Lily Drooping- Hidden Causes and expert solutions

Peace-lily-drooping-Causes of drooping peace lily-How to revive drooping peace lily-peace lily drooping


Welcome to our in-depth tutorial on recovering a dying peace lily plant. To help you in restoring your valued peace lily to its former splendour, we will offer you in-depth instructions and professional guidance in this article. With the help of our practical advice and methods, you’ll be able to resolve the issues posed by a drooping peace lily and bring back its lively aspect. Let’s begin now!

Understanding the Peace Lily Plant

The peace lily, also known as Spathiphyllum, is a popular indoor plant renowned for its elegant, dark green foliage and striking white flowers. While it generally thrives in low-light conditions, improper care or environmental factors can cause it to droop, leaving plant owners worried and unsure of how to revive it.

Causes of drooping peace lily

It’s important to identify the root reasons of peace lily drooping problem in order to handle it successfully. The following are some common causes of a drooping peace lily:

1. An over- or under-water situation

The quality of the water has an impact on peace lilies. Underwatering can result in dehydration and wilting, while overwatering can induce root rot by depriving the plant of necessary oxygen. It’s essential to figure out the appropriate balance by keeping the moisture levels constant.

2. Unsuitable lighting conditions

Even though plants can endure low light, peace lilies still need some filtered sunshine to grow and thrive. Stress can be caused by placing them in places that are too dark or bright, which will result in drooping leaves.

3. Insufficient Humidity

Peace lilies are indigenous to tropical areas where there is higher humidity levels. The plant may wilt and droop in enclosed spaces with insufficient humidity. To encourage healthy growth, it is crucial to generate a humid microclimate around the plant.

4. Extreme Temperatures

Both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures can harm peace lilies. Stress can result from exposure to heating, cooling, or ventilation and cause leaves to droop.

How to Revive a Drooping Peace Lily

Peace-lily-drooping-Causes of drooping peace lily-How to revive drooping peace lily-peace lily drooping

How to revive drooping peace lily

Now that we know the typical causes, let’s look at how to revive a drooping peace lily and bring it back to life:

1. Improving Watering Techniques

Examine your watering practises to make sure you’re giving your plants enough moisture without going overboard. To figure out the soil’s moisture content, stick your finger into it. It’s time to water the plant if the top inch feels dry. Keep the plant out of any standing water to prevent root rot. In contrast, avoid letting the soil totally dry up since this can result in dehydration.

2. Improving Lighting Situations

Put your peace lily in a spot where it can get a few hours per day of bright, indirect sunshine. Keep away from direct sunlight as it can cause the  peace lily to droop. If you’re struggling with low light conditions, consider using artificial grow lights to supplement the available light.

3. Increasing Humidity Levels

Peace lilies thrive in a humid environment. You can increase humidity by placing a tray filled with water near the plant, using a humidifier, or misting the leaves regularly. Another effective technique is to group several plants together, creating a microclimate with higher humidity.

4. Providing Optimal Temperature

Maintain a temperature range of 65-80°F (18-27°C) for your peace lily. Avoid exposing it to temperature extremes, such as cold drafts or direct heat sources. Keep the plant away from air conditioning units, heating vents, and doors leading to the outside.

5.Plant Fertilisation

Throughout the growing season (spring to summer), fertilise your peace lily once a month via a balanced, water-soluble fertiliser. For the right dosage and application technique, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The plant receives essential nutrients from fertilisation, fostering healthy growth.

Pruning and Elimination of Dead Leaves

Check your peace lily frequently for dead or drooping leaves and take immediate action to remove them. Pruning aids in the plant’s recuperation by rerouting energy to healthier sections of the structure. To prevent harming the remaining leaves, use clean, sharp pruning scissors.


In conclusion, it takes careful consideration of the plant‘s care and surroundings to revive a peace lily drooping. You may successfully revive your peace lily and restore its attractiveness by modifying your watering procedures, providing proper light, humidity, and temperature, applying the right fertiliser, and carrying out routine trimming. Keep in mind that it can take some time for the plant to fully recover.

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