Understanding and Preventing Brown Tips on Peace Lilies

peace lily brown tips, An Understanding of Brown Tip Causes,Advice for Avoiding Brown Tips,Treating Brown Tips

Popular indoor plants recognised for their classy white blossoms and glossy green leaves are peace lilies (Spathiphyllum spp. ). The occurrence of brown points on the leaves is a typical issue that many peace lily owners deal with, though. Although this can be frustrating, you can prevent and treat brown tips on your peace lily with a little care and care. This article will look at the reasons why your peace lily may have brown tips and offer helpful advice on how to keep it looking young and healthy.

1. An Understanding of Brown Tip Causes

There are several reasons why peace lily leaves could have brown tips. The most frequent causes are:


One of the main causes of brown tips on peace lilies is overwatering. These plants can suffer if the roots are constantly covered in water, although they appreciate slightly wet soil. Use soil that drains properly and a pot with drainage holes to ensure right drainage.


However, underwatering can also result in brown tips. Regular watering is essential for peace lilies since their leaves may turn brown at the tips if the soil gets too dry. When the top inch of soil appears dry to the touch, water your plant. Check the moisture level of the soil regularly.

minimal humidity

Humidity is ideal for peace lilies. Brown tips might result from very dry air in your home. By utilising a humidifier or putting a tray of water close to the plant, you can raise the humidity levels.

Sunlight Direct Exposure Although they can be sensitive to direct sunshine, peace lilies like bright, indirect light. The leaves can burn from too much sun exposure, turning the tips brown. Put your peace lily somewhere that gets enough excellent, filtered light but has protection from the sun.

peace lily brown tips, An Understanding of Brown Tip Causes,Advice for Avoiding Brown Tips,Treating Brown Tips

2. Advice for Avoiding Brown Tips

Let’s look at some precautionary ways to keep your peace lily free of brown tips now that we understand the causes:

Watering Methods

Give your peace lily plenty of water, letting the extra runoff. Water your peace lily thoroughly, allowing the excess water to drain out of the pot. Avoid letting the plant sit in standing water. Remember to water your plant when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Humidity Control

Maintain adequate humidity levels by misting the leaves with water or using a pebble tray filled with water. Grouping plants together can also help create a more humid microclimate.

Light and Placement

Place your peace lily in a spot with bright, indirect light. If the leaves are turning yellow or pale, it may indicate insufficient light. However, protect the plant from direct sunlight, as excessive exposure can lead to brown tips.


Feed your peace lily with a balanced houseplant fertilizer during the growing season. Follow the package instructions for the correct dosage and frequency. Avoid overfertilizing, as it can result in leaf burn and brown tips.

3. Treating Brown Tips

If your peace lily already has brown tips, don’t worry. Here are some steps you can take to treat the issue:

Trim the Problematic Areas

Trim off the brown tips with clean, accurate pruning tools or scissors. Make sure to cut the closest healthy leaf or stem at the exact height. In addition to improving the plant’s look, this will encourage new growth.

Change the care schedule

Check your watering, humidity, and lighting to make sure they are ideal for the health of your peace lily. Based on the specific needs of your plant, make the appropriate adjustments.

Keep an eye out for progress

After making the necessary adjustments, keep a close eye on your peace lily. New growth should eventually appear healthy and free of brown tips.


Peace lilies are beautiful plants that can bring a sense of tranquility to any space. By understanding the causes of brown tips and implementing preventive measures, you can maintain a healthy and vibrant peace lily. Remember to provide proper watering, humidity, light, and occasional fertilization to keep your plant thriving. With your care and attention, your peace lily will flourish, showcasing its stunning foliage and captivating white flowers for years to come.

Frequently asked questions- FAQ

Why are my peace lily’s tips going brown?

A number of things, including overwatering, underwatering, poor water quality, low humidity, too much direct sunshine, and nutrient shortages, can result in brown tips on peace lily leaves.

To avoid brown tips, how often should I water my peace lily?

When the top inch of soil seems dry to the touch, water your peace lily. Avoid overwatering because it might cause brown tips and root rot.

Can my peace lily be harmed by tap water?

A: Yes, peace lilies can be harmed by tap water that contains fluoride and chlorine. Use distilled or filtered water if possible, or let tap water remain overnight to let the pollutants break down before watering.

What’s the best approach to raise the humidity in my peace lily’s environment?

A: High humidity is ideal for peace lilies. By regularly spraying the leaves or setting a tray of water close to the plant, you can raise humidity levels.

Can my peace lily’s brown tips grow back?

A: Your peace lily can recover if you give it the right care. To improve the appearance of the plant and promote fresh, healthier growth, trim off the brown tips with a pair of clean, sharp scissors.

Is there too much sunlight hitting my peace lily?

A: Bright, indirect light is what peace lilies prefer. Long-term direct sunshine exposure can burn the leaves and result in brown tips. Take into account shifting the plant to a location with more filtered light.

To avoid brown tips, should I fertilise my peace lily?

A: You can avoid nutrient deficits that might cause brown tips by fertilising regularly. Throughout the growing season, apply a balanced fertiliser at half strength every two to four weeks.

Can I propagate plants using leaves with brown tips?

A: Although it’s ideal to utilise healthy leaves for propagation, you can try it if there’s still some green, healthy tissue on the brown-tipped leaves. Though the success rate can be lower.

How can I avoid having brown tips on my young leaves?

A: Ensure proper hydration, sufficient humidity, and protection from direct sunshine. Check the plant frequently for indications of illnesses or pests that could also result in brown tips.

Do peace flowers with brown tips harm animals?

A: Calcium oxalate crystals found in peace lilies can be hazardous to animals if consumed. In order to avoid any potential health problems, it’s crucial to keep the plant out of curious animals’ reach.

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